The Memory's Keeper

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The Memoy Keeper’s Daughter
Kim Edwards
General info:
Kim Edwards was born in on January 1st 1985,in Skaneateles,NY.She graduated from Colgate University and University of Iowa. Her first novel was “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” in 2005.It won the New York Best Sellers award, her writing won many awards. Kim Edwards was also wrote a short story collection,” The Secret Of Fire King” in 1997 and “The Lake Dreams” in 2011.She also taught in the east of Asia with her husband. “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” also won the Kentucky Literary Award in 2005.Edwards uses amazing imagery in all of her writing to express the true meaning of each word. Plot summary:

“The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” takes place in 1964.David Henry’s wife Norah is in labor during a terrible storm. In his office, him and his nurse have to deliver the baby. Norah was given gas to sedate her through the labor pain. David is stunned when he sees that his wife is giving birth to two babies. The first is a healthy boy, Paul, and the second Phoebe who is not perfectly healthy. David asks his nurse Caroline to take the baby to the nearest institution because it has a birth defect. David does this to safe his wife from grief, but what he doesn’t know is that the nurse Caroline Gill will raise it herself. Author’s Purpose:

* Imagery-”A few flakes first, in the dull gray late-afternoon sky, and then wind driven-swirls…” * Paradox-”A robe for my sister who lives in New Orleans” * Symbol-“Bones would last; it was easy for him to put his faith in something so solid and predictable” * Imagery-“It’s a girl”, he said, and cradled her like a football: * Paradox-“I’m so sorry, our little daughter died as she was born” * Imagery-“She curved herself around the box and wedged it into the backseat, where the pink blanket fell softly” * Imagery-“She found him sleeping at his desk, his face was resting on his hands and he breathed with the light cadence of deep sleep” * Imagery-“She passed several doors, glimpsing moments of people’s lives” * Imagery-“Her milk flowed and mysteriously, Norah felt herself becoming a river or a wind” * Simile-“The disorder of the house pressed on her like a weight, as if the very sunlight had taken on substance, gravity” * Simile-“She carried Paul, as he was as light as a cat” * Imagery/oxymoron-“She was startled by both the darkness and the beauty around” * Simile-“David’s daffodils, delicate as skin and almost luminous…” * Imagery/oxymoron-“The night is as clear as day the darkness and light are to both alike” * Imagery-“Caroline drover fast, feeling reckless, her heart filling with an excitement as bright as day” * Alliteration-“….Her voice sounded strided, shrill,as if she…” * Simile/personification-“Strange swirling shapes, like petrified flowers” * Personification-“Their headlights playing on the wall” * Metaphor-“Until I Caroline,startingly arrived, a flower blooming up through snow” * Repetition-“Then surely, surely it was the worst”

* Allusion-What if I could be the next Segovia?”
* Paradox-“A moment was not a single moment at all, but rather a infinite number of different moments” * Hyperbole-“It just about killed my mother, losing her” * Oxymoron-“But Caroline its so bittersweet”

* Onomatopoeia-“…The soft touch of her hands or the cooing sounds she made when she was happy” * Imagery-“But he was already taking her hands in his, pressing them to his chest…” * Imagery-“The world was becoming clearer and steadier, and she blinked in the bright lights” * Imagery-“A cool line shimmered on her skin”

* Imagery-“Dust like blackened snow, Caroline’s footprints were stark and pale behind her” * Imagery-“He wore a white hat with yellow ducks that Norah had embroidered …” * Imagery-“..and Norah’s foot prints, those erratic bloody trails…” * Imagery-“He framed Norah in viewfinder, wind moving in her hair, her skin tan and healthy…” * Situational...
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