The Meiji Restoration

Topics: Samurai, Edo period, Tokugawa shogunate Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: August 28, 2013
To what extent did the Meiji Restoration change Japanese Society? The Meiji Restoration impacted upon the Japanese society to a significant extent. During this time the Japanese social hierarchy was completely transformed to reflect the ideals of western powers. The education system improved to such a point that it was considered the best in all of Asia. Furthermore, the Japanese military was reformed into a nation-wide conscription military equipped with modern technology. Finally, the Japanese economy was improved to reflect those of other modern nations, becoming a technically advanced, industrialised version of its former self. Hence, the Meiji Restoration impacted upon the Japanese society to a great extent, affecting a number of differing aspects within the culture, daily life and defence force. After the Meiji Restoration Japanese society was dramatically changed. Before the restoration society was a rigid, unmoving hierarchy. Whereas, after the Meiji restoration, the Samurai class was eliminated, with their privileges removed. Peasants were also allowed and encouraged to join the army, a privilege once only given to the Samurai. For the duration of Tokugawa Japan seafood, rice and vegetables were all stables in the Japanese diet. However, after the restoration eating beef was encouraged so as to conform to other western countries. Traditional Japanese clothes were also worn during Tokugawa Rule, whereas, after the Meiji restoration, the government endorsed the use of western clothing, such as suits, to accelerate the process of westernisation. Many educational aspects of Japanese society were also transformed significantly during the Meiji Restoration. During the Tokugawa Regime education was restricted primarily to the Samurai class, with basic arithmetic being taught to merchant children in order for them to excel in their field. However, following the Meiji Restoration thousands of schools were established by the government, based on the Prussian...
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