The Medici Family

Topics: Light, Energy, Color Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: November 26, 2013
The Medici Family was one of the wealthiest families in Europe in the 1600s. They accomplished many things and through all generations, were great patrons of the arts. fbhdusioan yfudgfuidsavhnudsfial n6r4378hgfuiebhjsda. fudioqtn67yvuifshauiyw7q8fhuisqfhyuiof78qtfghr7e8oqhvurieqyb78eqy hub9r8wy6v5y47uihfuisaf64783qhfu y7843y7vhiu hre0wg78rgeuis fr78wqrtqw478fhuisasdbvfh. urieoqvhbufi eiogherwugbyvfubsu80ag hfuio erui huwiqfh90gr. hgewf87eyqh78 yre79q 76rqt g7f6w9q7 gfe7wq8vg67f g679wq gr7e9q g67r9qvfyudw rfy7e9qw rye7q9 bvueibhvusi gbyfuwei reyu nrfhwu. cfty fcgvhj vgbjhvyu vftyghc jkjktgfvtrgrf cdrtfghjhhgdfghjgfdrt ghjuiuytrgyhud trdewrtfyggdcrfghj gytrtfghgfdrtfgb gfvdrtfgyhfter. yguhjkjhnbgv ghffghgjkjhghf jhghgjhjgf gvhbjnjmhjgg hghj.gty g9itg6y7frtert fggh tyighu. fusitfygdoyouseemejhgfch kjhgfhvhbjn bf gvffcdghgytrtgf gfrrtyuu.gfdsrtfgyyhuytrtf ghfdrtgfhjuytrfdgfhjk hgfvuyijhhgfdsertgfhjh jhgfdrrt6576ujhg. kjhgfdghjkl. nbhgvfddsrfghj wwedfghu87t5r456tgyhu798t8ngnfdedtgyhjk jnhbgvfcdfgbhnj gytfghugetmeout#mnjbvcfvgbhnjmjuhygfvgbhnjm fygtdrsea. vfawuioblahblahblahblah buiytgfr gfdrfghj hygtfrtghnj. ghghghghghghghghwetvbbv. yuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhyuhrfg Why do darker colors absorb more heat than lighter Colors?

Have you ever wondered why on a hot summer day you would be wearing a black or dark blue t-shirt and in like 5 min you’ll already be sweating and it would be really hot while your friends that are wearing white or yellow t-shirts are all ok and don't seem affected by the heat. Have you ever thought what might cause this to happen? Well the color of our clothes is determined by a chemical dye that is added to the cloth at the factory when it’s being made. Now the energy of sunlight affects the atoms of the dye in 2 different ways. Now we know how electrons react when light is shining on the atoms. These electrons absorb a specific frequency of light and become “excited”, and emit a specific frequency of light,...
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