“the Media Always Report the Truth” How Far Do You Agree?

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“The media always report the truth” How far do you agree?

The media has been both the angel and the devil in the last few decades. Besides reporting the news and brining the world of ours to close proximity, the media has also uncovered and exposed wrong doings. It makes us wise to the world, so that we are better armed to make crucial decisions. However, the most important thing about media, sometimes many of us tend to overlook, is a business. In fact, it is first, a business then everything else. A newspaper without a large number of readers, a radio station which few listen to and a TV station which has few stations are all business failures. Being business orientated, it is natural that these companies would make their priority to maximize profit. It is this that sometimes causes the media to be unreliable. Quite often, the media cannot be relied upon to tell the truth or publish selectively. There have been too many examples of the fabrication of the news in order for their papers to sell. There have been situations where they have committed blunders and hastily publish information that has later found untrue, thus we can see that the media does not always publish the truth.

The media has certainly let us down before and since, we base our trust in anyone, or anything, on their past, it is little wonder that we do the same with the media. The Malaysian media, especially the press proved itself to be capable of great harm. The various agencies competed against one another and bad mouthed Singapore. They blew little issues out of proportions and flatly refused to publish our refutation even when we offered to clarify their ill-found reports. It was clear to us that theirs was a vendetta, a strategy to sell paper. Little did they realize that the same public and certainly the international community which supported them would thereafter refuse to put their trust in anything they say. A spoiled reputation takes years to turn around.

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