The Media's Influence on Society

Topics: George W. Bush, Mass media, Communication Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: September 3, 2001
Unquestionably the media being newspapers, internet, radio and television, influence society. They can affect, have affected and will continue to affect the progression of life in this nation and around the world, as electronic technology continues to be the chosen mode of communication for a whole generation, offering direct, often anonymous influential information.

The media presents "one minded" views that have the ability to reflect societies moods and influence the balance of power.

- Death of Princess Diana on August 97 in a Paris Car accident is an example. - Australia t.v showed pictures of the car accident - which told the whole story - Public was influenced by this and felt sorry

- The public laid
60 million floral tributes and gifts in her memory

- mourners sharing grief
- emotionally moving pictures during and after
- funeral watched by millions
- event which has become one of the most known in this century in history

- Media influenced the public to love Princess Diana when the a survey showed by the Australia Bure of Stat showed the 50% of the Australian Population couldn't care much for the Princess before the accident, but after was mortified.

- Proved my point

The media can cause major shifting in public opinion in the role of authority.

- Harry Knowles a journalist stated "it doesn't matter how much money, power or influence you have in today's world world, it can be undermined by the media through technology" - No longer do Hollywood celebrities or industrial giants take control over there future - Take for example US president George Bush - fell down stairs and was filmed on camera - Questions about health arose - and became an instant political issue with the media exploiting him - The image showed dazed Bush - this image did little for his campaign in the election - This collapse would have been brushed away by word of mouth but the probing camera transformed to the net, paper and so forth, shifted the view of...
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