The Media's Impact on Society

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Health Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: August 8, 2010
I Am What I See
It is tragic the way today’s culture has become so obsessed with having a perfect body type. The ironic thing is the ideal image presented in the media is actually considered unhealthy for many. Why should we, I say we to associate myself with common middle-class American, aspire to be a certain size and shape just because it is commonly shown on TV or the internet, especially when it is considered unhealthy? The only reasonable explanation for this crave of having the perfect body that I can come up with, is the hypnotic enslavement of trying to live a grander lifestyle.

Most of the media advertisements concerning fashion and other material possessions are intertwined with the lavishing lifestyles of celebrities or, more specifically, models. It is the common, middle-class American that is exposed to a “greater” lifestyle through advertisements I.e. commercials, posters, and billboards. In order to feel the empowerment of this superior lifestyle one must try and duplicate the lives of the celebrities and the models used to sell products. It is the uncontrollable desire to obtain the maximum amount of pleasure from life through the necessity of luxurious items that has kept many consumers in mental bondage. While trying to live according to this higher standard of living, a person can become obsessed with the exact image presented in advertisements. The way commercials have recently been constructed, creating the allusion of involving a particular viewer in the ad, has deemed the exposed to a place where they don’t have any self control. The idea of controlling the attention of the audience reaches a point when the viewer is no longer focused on just the product but now the entire picture. The mind is not just tuned into buying the product, the mind shifts into a fantasy type realm. The focal point evolves into the complete scenario and the model used to sell the product becomes replaced with the observer. The observer now wants to be placed...
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