The Meaning of a Beautiful Thing

Topics: Music, Performing arts, Theatre Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: November 2, 2008
The Meaning of a Beautiful Thing
The term performing arts is defined as the process of an individual using particular talents and or learned abilities to perform and entertain other people. Traveling deeper into explanation on the subject of performing arts, terms such as theater and music come to mind. By taking a close look at the subject of performing arts, particularly the topics of theater and music, the reader will leave with a better understanding of the important’s of theater and music in society today.

There are many differences between the two performing art terms of music and theater. Theater is the performing art of an individual receiving lines and dialogues which are memorized along with corresponding actions in an attempt to later create a live production of a written story. Theater unlike television programs or movies don’t posses the option of stopping the progress of the production and starting over due to a mistake which might take place, instead thespians (thespians are theatrical actors or actresses) must use forms of theatrics called improve when a mistake occurs. Improv is the action of a thespian making up dialogues and or movements which are not originally in the show in order to cover up for a mistake that occurs during a production.

The other type of performing art which is being focused on is music. Music is the ability of using ones voice or instrumental knowledge to tell a story or express an individual’s emotions. Music has the ability to touch people mentally and emotionally, allowing beautiful things to derive from music. Music can also be mixed in with theatrics to generate a production known as a musical. Musicals are theatrical productions which are told with the use of musical dialogues and often dance numbers in order to portray a story. This in turn mixes music and theater into a form exciting mixtures of theatrics and musical compositions.

The importance behind music and theater in the world today is...
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