The Meaning of the Word Bitch

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In the paper you are about to read I’ll show how bitch went from being acceptable to being an insult to women across the world. I will also show what other meanings the word bitch may have.
The definition of the word bitch is a female dog or other carnivorous mammals but over the years it has become to mean many things. A lot of times it is directed towards a women as an insult. Although it is used today as an insult back in the day it was used to describe a lewd or sensual women. Today it is also used to show dominance in a relationship such as “prison bitch” or the slang “that’s my bitch” to show a relationship between two people. Bitch also describes a submissive male .Through the 1900”s though bitch also refers to a type of lamp that is mainly used in Alaska. This is a tin can filled with bacon grease and a twisted rag wick. When the word bitch is not being said about a women it is simply used to complain or grumble about something. Another misconception of the word bitch also refers to a heroin addicts main artery which is known as their bitch before the injection the area is slapped to bring the vein closer to the surface to make it easier to inject and not miss.

No one actually knows where the origin of the word bitch came from but most sources say the “Middle English bicche, from Old English bicce“. Some sources say that the word bitch was used well before the 12 century.

Women in the 90”s decided that they would like to try and take back the word bitch and instead of feel insulted by it celebrate it to show that we are strong and devoted and that no man can put a label on us. Meredith brooks was well known for the song Bitch. Although most women are still offended by the word there are those who feel it describes a strong women and don’t mind the word at all.

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