The Meaning of Love

Topics: Love, Oxford English Dictionary, Mother Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Jordan Romero
Instructor Forsythe
English 1301
29 May 2013
“Love the feeling of deep affection or a feeling of strong romantic or sexual feeling towards someone.”(Oxford English dictionary) this is the standard definition of love you’d find in any dictionary but I’ve come to find love has many meanings and some just can’t be defined. There’s love for your family, friends and for your significant other. All are strong feelings of love but couldn’t be any more different.They say your first love is your mother or father depending on your gender. This is why they have the saying you look for someone like your mother or father and I can definitely relate to that saying. My father left us when I was very young leaving my young mother to raise us by herself. I watched and observed and she struggled working two jobs to feed my sister and me witch meant we didn’t see much of her in our younger years, but it was never an issue of her not loving us. We understood why she had to be away from us for such long periods of time and it only made seeing her that much sweeter. My mother is beautiful, strong, extremely intelligent, and one of the hardest working humans I’ve ever met. She’s always said she did it all for my sisters and me. There’s no way you cannot love someone who changed their whole life for you.Growing up without my father I always felt like there was something missing. I needed a male figure to look up to someone to learn from and love. I found this in my mbest friend of fourteen years when we met at the age of five and eight fighting over a large rock. After that day we were never seen without the other in tow. Much like me, his father had abandoned him as well and although he was only three years older he seemed to have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I felt I could learn from and I did. He taught me everything a father would teach his son how to be strong, tough, to walk your own path and never let anyone tell you how to...
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