The Meaning of Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Plato, Human Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: November 27, 2011
What’s the meaning of life?
Life, the most precious thing I have ever seen, that always comes to an end which we don’t really want to, but do we live for a precise purpose? I am sure that we do otherwise we wouldn’t be here in the first place. I never thought that asking myself” what is the meaning of life?” will be this difficult to answer until I started writing this paper. I think the meaning of life is experience and knowledge. Experience and knowledge are two different things but when you take a closer look at them you will realize that they are actually really close or even maybe the same thing. Human life has always been around knowledge. We always want to know even if it won’t do us any good. Human Knowledge actually run the world, our knowledge make us who we are and distinct one from another. Each one of us has his own answer when it comes to the meaning of life because everybody are based on their knowledge and their experience in life, I personally am from a Christian family so when it comes to the meaning of life my answer was love, forgiveness, faith those are visibly the basic steps that you must follow in order to be called a Christian, but my answer would have been way different from the answer of someone coming from a different background, culture and religion. What your parents teach you while you are a kid stick with you and will probably come out when someone ask you what is the meaning of life when you are a kid, but as you grow up you start learning and experiencing thing, that’s exactly when your answer to what the meaning of life start changing .Knowledge is the beginning of the meaning of life, because the more you know the more things start making sense to you and the more life start having a meaning. Who knows! My answer of what the meaning of life might be different than the one I am giving out today because I still have a lot to go through even if I don’t know how long will I be living . Well known philosophers such as Socrates...
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