The Meaning of Justice

Topics: Police, Crime, Constable Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: July 7, 2009
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The Meaning of Justice
Justice in my definition should be the thing as we people always strive to achieve. It is the only way to make society better, to help victims and to make sure punishment is fair and we have to take more time to study the criminal’s cases to really know if they are guilty or they are innocent. In my future intended occupation, I dream of working as a police officer and help as an interpreter as I speak a second language. I believe that every kind of work has its own risks and that dangerous is everywhere even if I worked in another field, so I eliminate the dangerous part of my thought. If I to become a police officer, I would be proud to achieve justice in my work through protecting and serving my country with all my efforts. Help others who are in need and this is why we have law enforcement in our country. If we think about it, everyone needs justice in his/ her life. People depend on police officers and detectives to protect their lives and property. If the country failed to achieve justice for citizens and non- citizens, then people will lose trust in us and will not call the police when something wrong happens, they will just do what they think is right for them and everything will get messed up. Police, state or federal agents, and investigators are all helping to protect this country and its citizen in each one’s different way of performing his own task. For example the police protect the inside part of the city by patrolling, answering service calls and searching the city for any harm and preventing it from happening. They protect us against the drunken people and the criminals. Detectives solve crimes, either recent crimes or older ones that requires looking through history and records. The home land security protects us against terrorists and any threats from the outside or the inside that may harm our country. So the main point is, everyone is helping in his own way and giving their best to raise...
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