The Mccarthy Hearings and the Hollywood Blacklists

Topics: Joseph McCarthy, McCarthyism, John F. Kennedy Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: June 18, 2007
The McCarthy Hearings and the Hollywood Blacklists
Joseph McCarthy was a Republican Senator from Wisconsin. He held his posistion as a United States Senator from 1947 to 1957. McCarthy was born on a farm in the town of Grand Chute, Wisconsin. McCarthy was a junior high school drop out, quitting to help his parents manage their farm. He later returned to school and earned his diploma in one year. McCarthy worked hard in college (majoring in engineering and law) earning a law degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee. His first political campaign was unseccuesful, attemping for a posistion as District Attorney as a Democrat in 1936. His first success occurred in 1939, when he was elected post of the non-partisan 10th District circuit judge (becoming the youngest judge in Wisconsin's history). McCarhty was elected senator of Wisconson but unjust means. He accussed his opponent, La Follette, of not enlisting in World War II and war profiteering. McCarthy swept the opponent away, taking his seat as senator (Joseph McCarthy). It was no long after that he became part of the Senate as well. McCarthy became good friends with Joseph Kennedy, President Kennedy's father, and through him he became well-known and generally well-liked. McCarthyism is the term used to describe a period of intense anti-Communist suspicion in the United States (late 1940's to the late 1950's). During this time people in different working situations, such as the entertainment industry or in education, were accused of being Communists (communist sympathizers) and became the object of aggressive investigations and questioning before government committees and agencies. The accusations were often made based on flimsy evidence. Many people suffered loss of employment, destruction of their careers, and even

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imprisonment based on these false acusations. A few orginizations in Congress, that were known for investigating Communist activities were the House Un-American Activities...

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