The Mass Hysteria Between Today's Society and the Salem Witch Hunt

Topics: United States, Witchcraft, Salem witch trials, Puritan / Pages: 3 (571 words) / Published: Jan 27th, 2002
The mass hysteria between today's society and the Salem witch hunt can be compared through Freedom , Religion ,and the killing of innocent victims. Mass hysteria has caused a lot of destruction in society throughout the years. It has brought about a lot of chaos in both Salem as well as the present society. Mass hysteria has brought out a lot of fear in people in both Salem and present society.

Freedom in today's society is totally different from back when the witch trials were going on in Salem. By the people in the United States being able to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it. Compared to the people in Salem always being accused and checked up on for being a witch. The similarities in the United States and Salem would be that they are both losing some of their freedom's everyday. By not really being able to dance in Salem and in the Unites States not being able to fly without fear so the freedom of doing things at will and that are fun are taken away from us.

The next major mass hysteria in the society of the United States today and in Salem would be Religion. The difference between religion in Salem and the United States would be that in Salem they are all one religion, but in the United States we have a bunch of different religions. To compare the religion in the United States and in Salem would be that we the people in the United States believe in Christianity and in Salem the people have a weird religion that makes them not be able to really do anything. We in the United States and in Salem celebrate the holidays like Christmas and Easter. In Salem during the witch hunt their religion was very important because they either lost their soul by being hung or loose their good name.

The Final mass hysteria in the present society and in Salem would be The Killing of Innocent Victims. The difference between the killing of innocent people in the United States and in Salem would be that there were less people who died in Salem. The

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