The Marlboro Man

Topics: United States, United States Marine Corps, Iraq War Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: April 17, 2005
The Fallujah Marlboro Man
James Blake Miller, a Marine in the U.S Armed Forces, is seen here smoking a cigarette in the field of battle. His face covered in camouflage, blood and sweat. His eyes focused heavily on the horizon, scanning for danger. The edging of his helmet worn and tattered from intense battle, and the expression on his face shows his tiredness. He is a warrior, protecting what we have today in the United States of America.

This picture has been posted in magazines, newspapers, and many other articles across the nation to show the intense fighting going on in Fallujah. He has even been given the name of the "Marlboro Man". James Miller didn't know what all the fuss was about. He told reporters that all he wanted was a smoke. In fact when the published the photo first, it did not even show his name, all it said was "Marlboro Man". But this photo inspired people across the country to be more patriotic and to support the men in Iraq. Even his mother said, "Until my son went into the Marines, I never really realized what that flag stood for -- but now I do." Just the look on his face and the signs of depletion from warfare, carry the meaning of this photo to unbelievable levels. This photo is not just a picture or a man who is tired, dirty and bloodied, it is a country at the front lines of war. Putting their lives on the line to save the millions of other lives back at home. They are for a bigger cause then just themselves; they represent the United States Marines, and the United States.
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