The Marketing Plan of Niften Shampoo

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Marketing plan for Niften Shampoo
Liu Ye(Jack)

Table of content
Executive summary 3

1. Research of the product and brand 4
1.1Consumer analysis 4 1.1Market analysis 6 1.3Organization SWOT analysis 9 1.4Niften product analysis 11 1.5Competitor analysis 11

2. Marketing strategy 12 2.1Building operation 12 2.2Locating product in market 12

3. Marketing tactics 12 3.1Combine products into new product and function it in the market 12 3.2Research new product to fill up market 13 3.3price tactic 13 3.4sales tactic 13

4. Distribution channels 13

5. Public relations 14 5.1requirements from public relations 14 5.2missions and activities 15

6. Commercial 15

7.Forecast 16

Executive Summary
Niften shampoo is a very new product that is just launched into market. The idea of this product is to make out hair strongly and beautifully. Niften devoted itself to supply excellent quality and reasonable price shampoo to the consumers. We ship our product all over China, so that, every Chinese can be our customer. Niften does many researches about market, consumers, and media before it delivers its product to everyone. Niften aims to the people who wants their hair health, beauty and smooth. And also, with a reasonable price. Nowadays, there are more than ten brands shampoos in each store, this would make our consumers confuse when they purchase. Our goal is to make cheap shampoo with specific function to fit for different people and try our best to satisfy our consumers. We also provide a survey to everyone to fill it in order to know our customer and to make them satisfy. In the next few years, we try our best to increase our sales in order to take as much as market shares in the market. Moreover, according the media, we would spend part of our expense on advertising, and commercials. Also, our gross margin is calculate and forecasted, so that, we can deliver our product all over the China following our marketing plan restrictedly. In conclude, throughout the survey, we would know our consumers in different aspects for their needs and to satisfy them. Also, to understand ourselves in order to do better on our customers. Last but not least, bring up marketing plan as guidance, to continue on public relations, and commercial strategy. To build up Niften image, and improve sales. 1. Background of Marketing Plan

1.1) Consumer analysis
* Purchasing analysis

Figure 1
The figure above shows that product effectiveness and price are the most important reasons for people buying shampoos. Quality, price, product effectiveness and etc. have miner effect. In aspect of functions of shampoos, people would prefer anti-dandruff, smooth, and conditioner with shampoo 2 in 1 etc.. Also, advertising, public relations these kind of promotional tactics are important as well.

Figure 2
* Different ages of consumers gets different influence from those factors, for example, people whose age around 21 to 25 would be influenced by advertising deeply. The age over 25, they would influenced by the magazine and personal sale. * Women...
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