The Marketing Mix Would Differ For A Staple Convenience Product From A Homogenous Product Because Both Offer Two Difference Types Of

Topics: Marketing, Price, Marketing mix Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: April 20, 2015
The marketing mix would differ for a staple convenience product from a homogenous product because both offer two difference types of "needs."  Staple convenience product is an item a customer buys often, does not require much thought, and does not have the desire to not spend too much.  In this case, product and price would be more of what the customer is after. An example of a staple convenience product would be shampoo or conditioner, or toilet paper. These are items the consumer buys frequently and puts little to no thought into buying.  While homogenous shopping compares the same product, offered by different manufacturers, but the consumer purchases the product that offers the lowest price. For example, my sister wanted to treat herself to a new purse, especially one that will be "in season."  She was torn between a tan and white over-the-shoulder Michael Kors bag, and a tan and white over-the-shoulder Coach bag.  With both bags offering the same color and features she wanted, and seeing no differences, she ultimately went with the "cheapest" bag.   The marketing mix would differ from a specialty product vs. a heterogeneous product in a few ways.  Specialty products can be defined as items the the consumer does not purchase on a regular basis.  For example, these products can be classified as diamond earrings, a wedding gown, maybe even a new car.  The consumer will invest a good amount of time researching the specialty product to ensure they are getting the bang for their buck.  Specialty products will require all of the Four P's in order to get the sale.  Heterogeneous products are products that are viewed as being different which will result in inspecting for quality by the consumer.  The marketing mix in this case may require more of the product aspect to: 1) let the customer know what the product is. 2) packaging will set itself apart from the competitors, and 3) warranty, instructions,etc will be the key factor to generate the sale.  For example,  I...
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