The Marketing Mix of Avon Company

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The Marketing Mix of the Company Avon

I am to evaluate the marketing mix for the company of Avon. I will examine in detail the target audience, the product line, packaging, pricing, and how the product is being sold. Avon was founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell who started selling women’sperfume door to door. The company was first named California Perfume Company, but was changed to Avon Products, Inc. in 1939. The company was taken public in 1946 and by 1954 sales reached $55 million. Today the sales of Avon products reach $3 billion dollars worldwide. Avon is a door to door and online retail business. Avon strives on entrepreneurs and the loyalty of their customers. This is how companies such as Avon and Mary Kay offer a personal relationship that many other businesses can not offer. Avon products currently are the world’s largest direct selling organization of beauty and beauty related products. Avon markets product line to women, men,and children in 112 countries through 1.6 million independent sales representatives. Avon’s product lines include cosmetics, perfumes for men and women, jewelry, bath items and toys. Avon’sprice point is marketed at a reasonable price. Avon highlights their products having department store quality at discount prices. Avon strives themselves on knowing what their customers needs are in regards to price and understand that if their price is to high customers will purchase the product somewhere else. Since Avon is primarily a direct selling business, product promotion in not a strong as other businesses in the cosmetic industry. If you join, you will receive promotional information that would entice a consumer to purchase products at a discount price. Consumers may also receive information on new product line and discontinued items. These Avon is proud of the values and principles. They state their values are trust, respect, belief, humility and integrity. Avon has many competitors knocking at their...
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