The Marketing Mix 4 Ps

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 Marketing Mix
“Everyone has a favourite at Purdys”

Target Market
Purdy’s Chocolatier has a variety of products ranging from delectable chocolate favors to sour fruit jellies, thus targeting many audiences that would be interested in purchasing. First of all, Purdy’s Chocolatier’s products targets Caucasian, middle-aged women, ages 25 to 35 who are wealthy or want to show off their riches. They usually come from a high-class area and carry a reputation with them. Caucasian females are Purdy’s main focus to target because Caucasians are usually the regular ethnic group who would buy chocolate and sweets from a high-class self promoted store. The Caucasian female will originate from Canada, United States or Europe who knows fine chocolate and are interested in spending money for chocolate. Moreover these high class ladies probably have a higher income than others since they are willing to pay high prices and usually work as well with jobs such as in an office, accounting, teacher, or somewhere wealthy and the business that is doing well. Most ladies are married; however do not have a child so are spending money lavishly for others and themselves. Finally, their hobbies and interests are hanging out with their girlfriends and going out for dinner with them. As well, reading books and attending parties might be an interest, therefore making them have an influence on how much money they spend for themselves. In the other end of the spectrum, this chocolatier is trying to attract children around the age of 3-12 who are in the age when chocolate is ideal to have every day. However, most of Purdy’s’ child friendly products such as ice cream, jellies and chocolate bars are set to target parents with children ages 5 to 9, because many parents are in distress when their child is begging for a product because it creates an unnecessary commotion in front of the whole mall. Usually the children would be a male since males are more persistent about food, than girls at such young age. However Purdy’s is open for both genders since chocolate is applicable for most ages. The children are narrowed down to Caucasian child with a steady income family, and both parents might be working at family business’, main-street companies and average, but well-known stores. This family probably has 2 or more children, and so the parents are struggling with managing work and children. Their hobbies might be spending time with their family, relaxing with a nice book or talking a walk with friends since there is usually lots of stress and it would be great to relieve it from time to time. Anyways since this product happens to be chocolate related many kids will drive their tired parents insane for a piece of chocolate. Nevertheless, even though many would think that a chocolatier’s target market would be to focus on children, I believe that Purdy’s is trying to bring higher class adults around so they are comfortable with their higher pricing. As well, I believe Purdy’s wants adults to buy most of their products because adults cherish what they buy and they will spread the word if the product is good or bad. Moreover, since almost half of their sales are because of celebrations, this would be a great way for Purdy’s’ engraved logo to stand out amongst the crowd. In addition, females are Purdy’s main focus because this business is women run, therefore causing most of their executive employees to be female and the business into a feminine area. Moreover, this chocolatier has a very prestigious aura and palatable chocolate, this usually attracts females. Therefore, Purdy’s chocolatier attracts Caucasian, female, middle aged women, and stubborn children with their parents. Product

Founded in 1907, Purdy’s is known for their diverse variety of chocolate and their rich and flavorful assortments appealing many people. Purdy’s contain candies, snacks, chocolate bars, gift baskets, assortments and barks and brittles....
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