The Marketing Game

Topics: Marketing, Marketing mix, Marketing research Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: April 10, 2013
1.0 Introduction
This report is based on level 1 and level 2 which are about the Marketing Game before had been written. In Level 3, it appears that it should be feasible to develop a product which we will call a digital vocal communicator(DVC) (Charlotte H. Mason .William D. Perreault, Jr.2009). As with a standard of VRD, it would interpret spoken language commands. A DVC is small enough to be worn as a watch or as a lapel pin(Charlotte H. Mason.William D. Perreault, Jr.2009). In this report we will mainly talk on the 4P of the marketing mix, which are customer mix,price mix,promotion mix and product mix. Beside these also explain the distribution mix, the current and future strategy & objectives. The reason we chose a marketing mix is for our company can be meet market and customer needs. As knew as the current and future strategy & objectives,it will be valuable help manager to understand the market demand and analysis of changes in the market.

2.0 Analysis of the Game-The Marketing Mix
2.1 Summary from Decision 1 to 4
It mainly described in the first and second level of the marketing mix, including 4P, product, people, price, promotion. In this process, a few of them have significant relationships. First, the face of the development of the market, to make a proper investigation to determine through investigation of consumer groups, production in line with the development of products. The next step is to focus on the quality of the product itself, production costs should also be sure pay more attention. A good product is inseparable from the promotion, and appears when products developed to a certain market competitors, choose the right promotional tools which plays a very decisive role in the latter part of the sales of products. In addition to these, the development of the product to develop appropriate strategies, there must be a long-term plan. The product development process to identify the strengths and weaknesses, there are advantages and...
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