The Marble Champ

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcohol intoxication, Physical abuse Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Jacques Dei
English 4
Mr.. Greshes
January 8. 2012.

Dear my fellow MVHS students:

Alcoholism is a predisposed disease and is rapidly growing to become a very domineering issue in our society. While paying attention to various news broadcasts and newspapers, I have found that different domestic abuse cases and murders have been under the influence of alcohol. It really pains me to see teens in my own society fall victim to the influence. Alcohol can cause males to abuse females physically, mentally, and emotionally. In my own life, I have witnessed my aunt being abused countless times when my uncle would consume a couple of beers. I didn't understand it at the time because I thought that she did something wrong. I feel very wrong in expressing this, but I feel that when people consume alcohol, the truth comes out. Alcohol is a truth serum because you are not in a coherent state of mind, therefore you are not aware of what you are saying. Due to alcoholism, one out of every three women have to deal with domestic abuse. My heart aches for the women and I pity the men who feel that they have to belittle women and beat them because they know that some women will blame it on their being drunk. Domestic abuse cases often get thrown out because the women blame it on the man's drunken state. I inform anyone in this situation to get help because it is not healthy or suitable for anyone.
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