The Mansion

Topics: The Wall, Debut albums, Creep Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: July 12, 2013

In the middle of the night, the shadows creeping up to them, they are numb. The mansion has been abandoned about 20 years. Many people say that the whole family has been murdered mysteriously. The culprit behind the scene is still unknown. It is a windy night, the wolves are howling endlessly. Zayn wrap his hand around Marzia. They are just walking back from the movies. Zayn give out a sigh. He firmly holds Marzia arms. The corner of his eyes searching for a glimpse of the mansion. He tries to find another way to distract Marzia from looking at it. Zayn try to start a conversation despite that he is now having goosebumps. Marzia start to notice that Zayn’s hands tremble all of a sudden. She stares at his eyes. A lovely hazel. Green with flecks of brown and gold. The colours of the earth. But now he looks pale and not alive as usual. Marzia’s mind starts to puzzle. She slowly reaches out her hand to his check. Zayn mumble a little and tell her the myth that always linger the mansion. Her eyes start to widen and she smiles a little. Without notice, Marzia pull Zayn’s hand and they are walking towards the mansion. Zayn is speechless and try to persuade Marzia to turn back from going to the mansion.

Marzia slowly creeps to the front gate of the mansion. She heard the sound of the wolf but she could not sight any of them. Zayn still try to convince Marzia from entering the mansion. After persuading and persuading, Marzia decided to change her mind not to enter the mansion. Zayn give out a sign of relieve. But suddenly, the sky went dark in the torrential downpour. The front gate that was actually locked suddenly open. There are no others choice for them but to enter the mansion. They quickly find a shady place to rest while waiting for the rain to stop. They saw a beautiful but old pagoda in the middle of uncared garden. The garden is really in a bad shape but the pagoda is beautiful and as if someone have been taking care of...
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