The Manhattan Project

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Manhattan Project, World War II Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: January 6, 2014
The Manhattan Project was created as a research project in order to create the first atomic bombs which lasted from 1942-1945. During these long 3 years the U.S. government put more than two billion dollars towards this research and created the town of Oak Ridge but before all this could happen there needed to be a purpose behind this monumental, yet secretive, project. This all started with the word that spread to ,scientist, Leo Szilard that German scientists had split an atom, specifically Uranium, by bobarding it with neutrons. This was called fission. Leo Szilard was worried about the damage that Germans could create if they had this kind of power in their hands. He had to warn President Roosevelt about this but he knew he could not do it alone so he persuaded Albert Einstein to present the military benefits of fussion to The President through a letter. President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Advisory Comitee of Uranium but there was no real focus on this until Pearl Harbor, the event that brought the United States into World War 2. This led the President to approve the production of the nuclear bomb and start The Manhattan Project. Now that the scientists had approval, The Manhattan Project was well under way. General Lesley R. Groves was assigned to this project and was very doubtful of its success. One main goal was to seperate U-235 and U-238, which are chemically identical and difficult to seperate. The scientists ,however, took on that challenge, proving to General Groves that it was possible to create fission in a controlled manner.There was two methods for this to be achieved, electromagnetically and the process of gasious diffusion. They chose the gassious diffusion method because it was faster and more efficient. This had to be done in a large scale with many workers and had to be achieved in a hidden place, Oak Ridge was born. General R. Groves chose an inland site hidden away which was only accesible by one road for the...
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