The Manchurian Candidate

Topics: The Manchurian Candidate, Korean War, Film Pages: 3 (1252 words) Published: October 18, 2010
The transition of Hollywood movies from their birth to date has been tremendous, not only from black and white to color, from physical film stock to digital format, from the silent era to the use of 3D surround sound systems but even the portrayal of emotions has been altered to satisfy the demands of the present generation. The curiosity of film makers has now been diverted to fulfill the demands of the current audience rather than to express their own imagination. The best technique to ‘measure’ the impact of social variables on movies would be to compare a classic version of a movie to its modern remake. In my essay I will contrast the 60’s version of the movie the Manchurian Candidate to its’04 version. The alterations of the latter version of the movie The Manchurian Candidate provides us the differences between the views of the two eras; it clearly defines how the circumstances of the time of production are portrayed in the movie, and how the social factors such as racism, communism and the political situation are reflected into the movie. The plot of the Manchurian Candidate revolves around the distressed political situation and the search of power in the political world, the latter version of the film keeps the major plot and characters, nonetheless the tones and themes are updated to reflect modern America. The basic outline kept by both versions of the film is the return of a group of American Soldiers from a war and the desperate search of Ben Marco for truth as he questions his dreams and eventually his sanity. The film perfectly reveals the power of human to control minds and bend them to darker wills, it exposes how man can be turned into a mere puppet and be controlled at command. A film such as the Manchurian Candidate, which starts of as a war drama and then turns into an exhibition of naked political ambitions would be difficult to digest without the use of comic relief. Resort to comic relief is much more noticeable in the earlier version of...
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