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Managing Partner/Owner – COLLANE LORBIE IBARRA

Collane Lorbie Ibarra is a graduate of International School of Asia and the Pacific with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism. After finishing her course, she enrolled herself on a Culinary School in order for her to have knowledge in cooking. She also engaged herself in entrepreneurial activities. With this she learned, a lot in building up or making up a business. She has enjoyed a successful career for over 2 years in the restaurant industry. Ms. Ibarra began her career at Gerry’s Grill as a service crew. She worked hard for her to become a successful. Since then she has excelled in the industry, she become manager of a fast food establishment which she earns money to invest in her own business.

As the owner of the business she is responsible in strategic development of the business, back-office administration, financial analysis, internal control, taxes and accounting records, payroll, daily operations, quality control, advertising, food costs, labor costs, liquor cost, oversee management controls, maintenance and repairs, and building the business profits and the overall operation of the business.

And now she is now the owner of the FUN-Nganan at the age of 24 and enjoying the life with her trusted business partners.

General Manager – JUDY ANN DELA CRUZ

Judy Ann Dela Cruz is uniquely qualified as the General Manager for FUN- Nganan. She has been in the restaurant industry for over 2 of years. Previous experience include her being a crew in Jollibee and McDonalds Fast Food Chain. Ms.Dela cruz is very hardworking and that’s what made her to be promoted as Manager of Jollibee in the year 2017.

As the General Manager she oversee and coordinate the planning, organizing, training and leadership necessary to achieve stated objectives in sales, costs, employee retention, guest service and satisfaction, food quality, cleanliness and sanitation.

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