The man with the dead leg by Jan Rabie

Topics: Meaning of life, Absurdism, World War II Pages: 1 (468 words) Published: November 13, 2013
The man with the heavy leg is a story about a man who has fallen over at the Luxumberg gardens. Even thought people see him lying there no one offers to help him in any sensible way. The man is a sick war veteran whose last bit of medicine is about to run out. the man is eventually helped into an ambulance and the ambulance drives off. Absurdism origin is based somewhere around world war 2. After which people sought to understand how fellow men could commit such atrocities upon one another. Absurdism is the philosophy that human kind will never be able to comprehend the meaning of the universe. The literature of absurdism is primarily drama and some of the primary characteristics is non-sequiter meaning that the dialogue does naturally follow upon another and surreal qualities. Compared to your Classic tales that have a linear coherent and almost set story lines, with characters that are predictable and one dimensional we would see that absurdism does not follow this trend what so ever. We are left grasping at straws as to what the moral of the story is if there even was a moral. Absurdism is defined in the way that it makes you think in a non-logical way. The story of the man with the dead leg is a tale of the absurd. One example of why this is a story of the absurd is the man whose leg was clutched by jean. In a normal tale a person would suspect that the man would bend down to offer poor jean more than just his leg as a way of comforting him but in the end it is all he offers and yet he of all the people standing around jean offers the most. Even after the sick man has left our culprit merely stays to see if his pants have gotten dirty in the ordeal. After he has confirmed that there is nothing wrong with him he merely keeps on walking. Another example is when the ambulance arrives, after it arrives there is ‘’circle of cosmic fire’’ and instead of paramedics coming to help the sick man its four policemen. In the end when jean thomas is taken away by the four...
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