The Man Who Quit Money

Topics: The Roots, Osama bin Laden Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: September 14, 2014

Section 002
Chapter Summary
The Man Who Quit Money

As Chapter 13 unfolds, Mark Sundeen begins to point similar stories of people like Daniel Shellabeger,also known as Daniel Suelo, who set out to find the meaning life.Leaving all their worldly possessions and money behind, to set out on a pilgrimage solely based off of faith. From the "Peace Pilgrim" to the Freegans to founders of Free Meal. These group of people had tapped into a spiritual freedom that many people in society are secretly searching for. On page 231, Suelo states that, " People are craving social interaction that is just gone from most our society."

As the Chapter proceeds Sundeen begins to take notice on how some of Suleo thoughts go mainstream as the economy begins to enter into a downfall. For example on page 232 it states that after the attack with Bin Laden many Americans begin to think twice about things things that were buying or that they were becoming dependent off of. Sundeen at the time also begins to take to take notice of those things and starts to watch everything he does. Removing his money from a bank to credit union, reusing plastic bags, cutting down and downsizing on many things. But then Sundeen begins to realize that he still not free. He may have downsized but he still found himself worrying about things that were irrelevant, which caused anxiety. It wasn't until he began to volunteer at a local community garden that he realized that his true love was food and things it brought along with like being able to work outside with people. Putting an effort together to come out wit an amazing result.

Even though there had been many supporters of Free Meal and other non profit organizations, many of the organizations began to fail. The reason behind all these downturns were due to the fact that while many people were in support, nobody toke the time volunteer,instead they thought that just giving money will do which was not the case at all. Despite the many...
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