The Man Who Lost His Life-Long Pursuit

Topics: Social class, Social status, Family Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The man who lost his life-long pursuit
Among the people involved in Anna’s case in the 16th century, Hermann Buschler, who was also mentioned in the title as Burgermeister, suffered the greatest loss. This is because he was the most ambitious person in the whole story, but had to retire early from politics. He unfortunately lost the things that he regarded as the most important, which are political power, reputation as well as a chance to enter the royalty class because of his daughter, Anna. Gerd Wunder portrayed Anna in history of the Hall as a beautiful, insubordinate daughter whose feuding with her father ended his brilliant political career prematurely in the mid-1520s (191).

Hermann’s loss was clearly demonstrated in the way he responded to Anna’s behavior. Originally he placed Anna in the household of the Schenks because he wanted to be closer to the royalty but Anna didn’t do what he wanted her to do. As Ozment said in Chapter 2, “Perhaps Anna was driven from her father’s house because she had spoiled his own ambitious plans for her and for himself. “ Ozment goes on to say: Perhaps the most devastating realization for Hermann Buschler came out when he read Anna’s letter to the Schenkin indicating her affair with Erasmus, but when he read the Schenkin’s letter to him terminating her contact with the future Schenk and thereby closing for both father and daughter alike a perceived golden gate into the world of royalty. (45) I agree with Ozment’s assumption based on the analysis of Hermann’s personality. Hermann was a local administrator and had exclusive power, but he failed to extend his power after Anna succeeded in getting help from her maternal family and friends and later her husband. Hermann was then judged as having overstepped his bounds as a citizen, and lost his position in city council. Of course, he did lose his daughter. Sadly, he seems not to really care. He did lose what he values most, the power, and he suffered from unfortunate marriages...
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