The Man Who Knew to Much

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh, Hatshepsut Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: February 17, 2007
The Man Who Knew Too Much
There is a man who stares, stares at the nothingness from which he was created. He is tall and fierce. His body is that of a tree and he holds closely a pair of eyes and a Hindu goddess. His feet are not feet but roots that help build his foundation. His face is fierce and hard. His eyes hold a secret, a secret that is left to another to discover and decipher, or perhaps just ask and see what is revealed.

I stared back at the man as he began to reveal his most hidden secrets. He started with an explanation for what appeared to be a Hindu goddess in his belly. "She is in there to keep my evil eyes and knowledge at bay, and to keep me from doing evil unto others," he said. Another of his secrets is the hidden face, a profile, with a blue eye. He said, "That's the man I was so long ago." The man who knew just enough, before he learned that one extra piece of knowledge. I continued to go on, masking my shock, as I moved to a different piece asking, "Why are you only a third man and two-thirds tree?" His reply, "In order to answer that question you need to ask the important questions. How and by whom did I become this way?" I sat down and prepared myself for whatever he may reveal to me.

He began with his past stating, "It was the middle of Ancient Egypt's eighteenth dynasty and Hatshepsut had declared herself pharaoh in place of her young stepson Thutmosis III. Many of the hierarchy found that it was improper for her to be Pharaoh, let alone declare it herself. I was the royal advisor to previous pharaohs and to Hatshepsut, but she refused to take my advice causing a rip between her and the people. I was the wisest man in the land, who knew all there was to know. People came from far and wide to ask my advice. There was an old military leader who came from the east seeking my advice on the best way to rule his people."

"I informed him that the best way to rule was to have the respect and loyalties of his people. Being...
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