The Man Who Invented Blood Typing

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Karl Lansil
Criminal Investigation
Professor Frank Hinkle
A, B, AB & O
“Superman of science makes landmark discovery - Over 1 Billion lives saved so far (!” This quote is far from false Dr. Karl Landsteiner has saved over millions of lives with his Human Blood Typing findings and discoveries. Dr. Landsteiner was as well a very educated man, attending multiple Universities. Karl also gained and abundant amount of knowledge while working in multiple Colleges and various laboratories around the world. Before Karl came across his discovery of Human Blood Typing doctors would just give a patient a blood transfusion not really knowing what was going to happen. Some patients have gotten very lucky and lived, but most had complications with the procedure. This is amazing finding that has gone down in history and is still being used today, by everyone that has blood. This discovery was very effective and important to the science and medical world; it has proven that we as humans have eight different groupings of blood types ( Karl was born to mother Fanny Hess and to father Leopold Landsteiner. Leopold whom was a doctor of law, a popular journalist and newspaper publisher, died when Karl was only six years old. He was left to be brought up by his mother whom he was very fond of. He had so much love for her and what she did for him he had a death mask of her hung on his wall until he himself died. Once Karl was finished with high school he ventured off to the University of Vienna to study medicine. While he was a student he began to come interested in biochemical research, and started to take actions in this. In 1891 he published a paper on the influence of diet on the composition of blood ash. Karl Graduated from the University of Vienna in 1891 at the age of twenty-three, after graduating Karl preformed small jobs doing autopsies for money. He always asked if he could take a piece of the patient with him for science purposes...


A Rh+ | B Rh+ | AB Rh+ | 0 Rh+ |
A Rh- | B Rh- | AB Rh- | 0 Rh- |
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