the man of property

Topics: The Forsyte Saga, John Galsworthy, Eric Porter Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: April 11, 2014
Galsworthy was no longer young when he began writing the last years of the 19th century. His first works were very attracting. His best novels were written in the early decades of this century. His first notable work was “The Island Pharisees” (1904) was the first book to appear under his own name in which he attacks the stagnation of thought in the English privileged classes. He criticizes them for being content with the bourgeois way of life, stressing the fact that their minds have become inert and lazy. Galsworthy’s masterpiece is the trilogy entitled “The Forsyte Saga”. It comprises three novels and two interludes, as the author calls then: The Man of Property (1906), In Chancery (1920), Awakening (interlude-1920), Indian Summer a Forsyte (interlude), and To Let (1921). That to be told in this trilogy will be dealt with later on. “The Forsyte Saga” was continued by the three volumes of “A Modern Comedy”, “The White Monkey” (1924), “The Silver Spoon” (1926), “Swan Song” (1928), and its two interludes “A Silent Wooing” and “Passersby” (1927). Meanwhile, he had written a considerable number of novels, short stories, and plays. The trilogy called “End of the Chapter”, written at a later period shows a marked define in the author’s talent as a critical realist. The three novels are “Maid in Waiting” (1931) – first book of “End of the Chapter”, “Flowing Wilderness” (1932) – second book of “End of the Chapter”, and “One More River” (originally “Over the River”-1933) – third book of “End of the Chapter”. In the two trilogies “A Modern Comedy” and “End of The Chapter” written after the World War I, Galsworthy’s criticism becomes less biting. The old generation of the Forsyte does not seem so bad to other as compared to the new one. This development is nowhere more evident than in the author’s changing attitude toward Soams Forsyte, the “man of property”, who dominates the first part of the work. Galsworthy is also known as a dramatist of the considerable technical...
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