The Man in Water

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“The Man in the Water “

“The Stages of the Hero’s Journey” by Vogler stages relates to “The Man in the Water” by Roger Rosenblatt. First, stage 1 the hero is introduced in his/her ordinary world. Then he or she is suddenly forced into on unordinary world. (Vogler) Only minutes before his character was tested, he was sitting in the regular plane among the usual passengers, respectfully listening to the stewardess telling him to fasten his seat belt and saying something about the “no smoking” sign. The man relaxed with the others. Then suddenly an aesthetic clash as well-blue and green Air Florida, the name a flying garden, crash down into the black river. (Rosenblatt) The unknown man went from being on a normal plane with ordinary people to in a plane crash and cold black river. Second, stage 5, the hero completely enters the unordinary world of the story for the first time. (Vogler) A park – Police helicopter team, they dipped the skids into the water to pick up survivors after the plane crash. (Rosenblatt) The unknown man fully enters the water and now he is around drowning people. Third, stage 7, the hero comes at last to a dangerous situate. (Vogler) Every time they lowered a lifeline and flotation ring to him, he gave it on to another of the person. (Rosenblatt) The hero of “The Man in the Water” is in a clod freezing river with other people and he is doing what a hero does saving other people by give them his lifelines and flotation rings. Lastly, stage 8, at this moment the hero touches bottom and he or she faces the odds of death. (Vogler) The unknown man watched everything in the world move away from him and the hero deliberately let it happen. (Rosenblatt) This is the stage where the hero of “The Man in the Water” dies and save 5 other passengers. These are just some great stages from the stages of hero’s journey that relate with “The Man in the Water”.
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