The Man in the Iron Mask

Topics: The Three Musketeers, Louis XIV of France, Musketeer Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 29, 2009
The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas was an exciting read. It is the final conclusion of the epic adventures of The Three Musketeers. Louis XIV, the young King of France, is an unemotional, cruel man. Paris is starving and the people hate their King. The King does not care, and is more interested in women and money than his subjects. Unknown to most, there is another king, a twin, whom was hidden at birth, and then imprisoned behind an iron mask to seal his identity. Have you ever wronged someone close to you, when you should have been nice to them on your way up because you might meet 'em on your way down. That’s what the Louis was thinking at the conclusion of this book, lets just say King Louis was looking through the eyes of the iron mask that his twin had to wear for many of his years. Dumas was a French man and wrote of heroic story because of his mother filling his head with war stories of his fallen father, a general of the French Revolutionary army.

In this book Alexandre Dumas writes about the legend that the man in the iron mask became the king.

Dauger was not always isolated from the other prisoners. Wealthy and important ones usually had manservants; Fouquet for instance was served by a man called La Riviere. These servants, however, would become as much prisoners as their masters and it was thus difficult to find people willing to volunteer for such an occupation. Since La Riviere was often ill, Saint-Mars applied for permission for Dauger to act as servant for Fouquet. In 1675 Louvois gave permission for such an arrangement on condition that he was only to serve Fouquet while La Riviere was unavailable and that he was not to meet anyone else; for instance, if Fouquet and Lauzun were to meet, Dauger was not to be present. The fact that the man in the mask served as a valet is an important one. Fouquet was never expected to be released, thus meeting Dauger was no great matter, but Lauzun was expected to be set free eventually and it...
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