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Topics: Goal, Performance, American football Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: May 18, 2014
‘Drawing upon the physiological and psychological literature base, describe how you would help an athlete of your choice enhance their sporting performance. You need to identify two physiological and two psychological strategies and report why you feel they will be beneficial to the athlete’


Pyschological topics – Imagery and Goal Setting

Psychological topics – Aerobic Training and Ergogenic Acids (creatine)

The person in question is an 18-year-old male footballer that has be training and competing since the age of 12. The male’s 1-year contract has come to an end and he has only been awarded a 6-month extension. The athlete’s manager has stated that if the male’s performance doesn’t enhance within the 6-month extension the contract will be terminated and the male will be released from the football club.

Goal setting is acknowledged as one of the most important skills taught to an athlete in order to enhance their performance. Goal setting is an actual process in which positively guides athletes into understanding what level they are currently performing at and also what level they want to go on to. As a sports psychologist it would be my duty to teach the athlete how to set systematic goals which would be focused on the process and performance rather than the actual outcome of competition. Leith (2003) acknowledges the existence of two types of goals; subjective goals and objective goals. Subjective goals are not entirely related to a specific performance in sport, for example when a child states ‘I just want to have fun’ the goal relates to going out and just trying your best. Objective goals are based entirely on performance. For example, an objective goal would be to ‘gain an extension of contract after 6-months ’; the goal is focused on what needs to be done in order to enhance performance. Due to the goal being so specific in turn it would help the athlete be focused entirely on the task ahead. Objective goals are...
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