The Major Change in the Health Department of Ontario

Topics: Better, Government, Affect Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: November 22, 2008
$ 2.5B injection aims to improve ERs
This story is important because it explains a major change in the Health Department of Ontario. It explains how there will be more health care for elders in hospitals. There will be a hiring of 9.00 nurses to help out elderly patients. This tells us that our government is being supportive by being involved in community and solving all major problems. This also shows that the government is spending a lot of money on us because health care costs enormous amounts and hiring an extra 9.000 nurses will result in an unbelievable cost. By providing this, the government proves its place in Canada. This affects Canadians in a very big way because health care is already free and now there is even more care the government is providing for us. My grandma gets sick sometimes and now she won’t have to wait as much to seek care as she had to before. This also reduces waiting time and people can get other things done even after the doctors. Many elderly Canadians may need health care and can’t get it because of the matter of space in the hospital or the amount of nurses. Now they can get more care and get it more efficiently. This affects every family in Ontario because we all have to get old or go to the doctors at some point in life. Now it will get easier and more balanced than before. You’re probably wondering how do doctors get affected by this, they are only hiring nurses. This does affect the doctors because many doctors require nurses and if there more nurses, the work will get done faster. My opinion about this story is that the government has done an excellent job on this decision. This will change negative thoughts about the government to positive thoughts. The economy will be improved and many citizens’ lives will be saved. I think the Canadian is smart and are spending money on the right things that will help our community. This will benefit us in many ways. The government is improving day by day, helping our community out a...
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