“the Main Reason People Wanted to Reform Factories During the Industrial Revolution Was Because Working Hours Were so Long”

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Mass production Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: June 18, 2013
There are many reasons why people wanted to reform the factories in the industrial revolution. The factories were very dangerous to work in, there were a lot of accidents, punishments and the food was horrible.

A lot of children worked very long shifts in tightly packed conditions under the machines, which they had to clean and oil. This resulted in the children growing up with deformed bodies. According to a supervisor working in a factory in 1833 he found it very hard to keep his workers awake in the last few hours of their shifts and this is extremely dangerous because it can lead to you cutting of your limbs. If you arrived late for work there were some strict punishments such as being fined for 5 minutes 2d and the later you were the more you had to pay. Also because of the amount of hours you spend in the factory working you would be deathened by the humongous amount of noise coming from all the machines and as a result of this you would probably have to retire at a very young age. You had to start work at 5 o clock in the morning and finish at 8 pm and you were only aloud to have a half an hour breakfast and half an hour for dinner. This is a very important factor because working hours leads to everything else like punishments for example if you were late and accidents if you were tired.

The accidents in the factories were horrendous they mainly consisted of people cutting their arms, legs and hands of because of the powerful machinery. When the children fall asleep on the job they usually get their hands caught in the machinery and will never be able to work again. In the rooms it could get very dusty and the dust would get into your lungs which leads to serious breathing problems. The children would have to stand throughout their shifts so if they fell because they were tired they would again get caught in the machinery. According to one hospital that every year they treated nearly a thousand people for wounds and mutilations caused by the...
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