The Main Influences on Culture in Early Civilzations

Topics: Civilization, Culture, The Culture Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: October 16, 2012
The main influences on culture in early civilizations varied.. As the population grew, things began to drive the civilizations and their need for culture. Geography had a major part in developing the culture. Geography would determine if the people would depend on agriculture, hunting or trade to sustain their lives, thus determining what kind of culture these civilizations would be obtaining. Also as civilizations began to grow, social issues began to rise. The civilizations started to begin pursuing a more religious way of life. They started to take God into consideration, and started founding local churches. To me, this was the most important influence. This laid the foundation for that civilizations culture. It would determine where you lived, what clothes you wore or who you worshiped. This had a major impact on the culture of early civilizations. But Geography and Religion were not the only influences. Language also had a lot to do with these civilizations cultures. If there was no language no one could speak nor hear. Language was and is the most important thing that gives us an identity. And isn’t that what culture is? Identity? And last but not least education did, most certainly play its role. Education in the early civilizations was stressed upon children. They wanted children to be successful and to have knowledge. Yes, education is still stressed today, but now-a-days education is stressed around materialistic items and careers not just to have the knowledge. So as you can see, the main influences on culture in early civilizations did vary. From geography to religion, to language to education. These four aspects of the civilizations, had huge impacts on their culture.
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