The Main Differences Between Communicat

Topics: Secrecy, Nonverbal communication, Confidentiality Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: November 12, 2014
The main differences between communicating with adults and communicating with children and young people Unit 203 3.2 /4.1

There are many ways for communicating with adults and children; you should always have good eye contact and show that you are interested in what children and adults are saying to you, and always treat them with respect. When communicating with children you need to give clear instructions so that they learn how to communicate with others. You should try not to use complicated words or use long sentences, try and keep them short. Sometimes with younger children you may have to repeat the sentences to make sure they understand the sentence that has been given to them. When communicating with children you need to be aware of the use of your body language, facial expressions and your tone of voice. When communicating with young people we need to adapt our tone of voice and the words we use. Young people have a more varied vocabulary; we can use more complex instructions, and talk about different issues relating to them or what is going on in the world. When communicating with adults we should always have good eye contact and listen to what the other adult is saying, so always look interested. You should always be polite and professional and be sure to have a friendly approach and always smile. As adults we must show good body language towards one another as children can pick up on this, children look up to us as good role models. If a teacher speaks to you about another adult keep the conversation confidential, this will build up trust with the teacher and work colleagues alike. You may also come into contact with parents or outside professionals so always keep it confidential. When working in a school environment there could be communication difficulties for example a child could be deaf, so you should always speak to them face to face and give good eye contact as this will help them to lip read so you must always speak clearly and slowly...
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