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the Lunchroom Murderer

By garyong7 Oct 18, 2014 276 Words
Police Report

The scene of the crime involved, four customers and the owner- Ernie. There is one right hand print on the wall, and three sets of footprints all of which are going in different directions, from three different people. The body of Fannin was found facedown in the lunchroom after being shot. For customers B and D, their silverware was on the right side of their plate. Customer C’s silverware was on the left side of the plate, odds are that Customer C is the only left handed person in the lunchroom.

Customer C’s silverware is on the left side of his plate, which we concluded he was left handed. The handprint on the wall shows and right handed print, which mean the shooter was holding the gun with his left hand when he shot. Letter Y’s footprints lead towards the back of the counter, which would mean those would be Ernie (the owner’s foot prints). Letter X footprints come from the direction of the barstools leading towards the print on the wall. Ernie said that the murder leaned his hand on the wall while firing the gun, so since the footprints of X follow the way the person who put their hand on the wall is standing, X belongs to the murderer.

We concluded that Customer C was the murderer of Fannin. We know that the murderer was left handed, and Customer C was the only customer who was left handed. Also the footprints of the murderer come from the direction of the barstools, which was where Customer C was sitting. There is evidence to prove that Customer C was the murderer of Fannin.

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