The Lovely Bones Charecter Reveiw

Topics: Emotion, The Lovely Bones, Feeling Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: May 4, 2012
The Lovely Bones Review
In the book The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold does a remarkable job of making her characters realistic to her readers. Sebold does this by telling the story through the eyes of the victim, Susie Salmon, who sees and knows everything about everyone around her. What is great about this book is that the reader is taken on an emotional journey with the grieving family and with Susie.

Abigail, Susie’s mom, is a character who, I believe, portrays human weakness. She is the one character who refuses to deal with the fact that Susie is dead. Abigail becomes distant. As a realization of what is happening to Abigail, Susie describes the picture she took of her mom sitting in the backyard, a mom who she does not recognize, and where she learns the true meaning of “ocean eyes”. Abigail does whatever she needs to do to get away from Susie’s death and her family’s reaction to the death. She does this first by having the affair with Len. Susie says that the affair is “calling her away from [Susie] and from her family and from her grief” (Sebold 196). Abigail promises Lindsey that she will not leave, but does anyway and goes to California. This is typically human because there are those in the world who have a hard time with acceptance. The thing about her is that she hurts those around her and hurts herself as well. It is only when Susie’s dad is in hospital again that she is willing to face her emotions and come back into her family’s life. This is also a human response because, when faced with tragedy, there is a moment of disbelief and disillusionment where a person will do anything to be detached from feeling. Abigail represents that extreme view of detachment, which keeps her from thinking about what she is doing to others.

Susie’s dad is a character who represents many emotions towards Susie’s death. One is anger. This is the emotion that causes him to break all of the bottled ships that he worked on with Susie and to go out to the cornfield...
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