The Lovely Bones

Topics: The Lovely Bones, Peter Jackson, Alice Sebold Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: April 27, 2014
The Lovely Bones
In The Lovely Bones, a novel written by Alice Sebold, a horrific story of an unfortunate death and tragedy unfolds. The movie (released in 2009), directed by Peter Jackson, depicts the same story, but displays the emotions of the characters in ways the author couldn’t. The book contrasts to the movie using mood, tone and theme by the way the director produces the film less brutal and cruel than the novel. The mood of both story lines remains very poignant, with a sense of suspense. Abigail, Susie’s mother, clings to the hope that “Nothing is ever certain” (22, Sebold) after being confronted with horrible news concerning her daughters whereabouts. Having Susie’s parents hold onto the constant hope that their oldest child is still alive, even after multiple pieces of evidence to convince them otherwise, and us knowing the real truth, is what gives the story its poignant feel. The book is almost overbearing with sorrow, knowing each and everybody’s feelings about the situation, while the movie has a very limited point of view. The mood of suspense is present as Susie’s murderer is so close to her family, “My mother liked his border flowers, and my father talked to him once about fertilizer” (6, Sebold). Knowing what everyone else doesn’t, the whole story is keeping us on the edge of our seat, waiting for Mr. Harvey to get caught. Tone is vital to every story, as it helps the author convey the emotions to the reader. The novel had a very dark tone, while the movie displayed a very lost and lonely one. The dark tone is carried throughout the book, but hits Susie’s father the hardest, as he refuses to let go. Jacks favorite hobby is building ships in bottles as he used to with his father & Susie, but now all he can see on the bottles are the hands that had helped make them; those of “his dead fathers, his dead child’s” (52, Sebold). In the film, Patterson often showcases Susie wandering alone and hopeless, in search of answers above in heaven; as...

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The Lovely Bones. Dir. Peter Jackson. Paramount, 2010. DVD
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