The Love Triangle – Gold, Silver and Sensex: What Would You Choose?

Topics: Investment, Precious metal, Gold as an investment Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: November 9, 2008
The love triangle – gold, silver and sensex: what would you choose? -Sagnik Das The very commonly common relationship of love has been built up since the last week in the Indian economic scenario.Since we know the positive and negative growing relationship in between the sensex growth, the dollar growth and the commodity market’s move, but now we experienced so far.As this correlation trends as the frame of three lovers in a single triangle, leaving the question-“who’s on a high edge?” Since the last week, let’s take a glance at the moves: on 17th Oct sensex was at 9975, where the gold was at 12630 and silver was at 18200.Likewise, on 20th Oct sensex gone to 10223, along with gold at 12735 and silver at 18300.But the scenario turned up to a different situation when the sensex again gone well with 10683 points and gold price gone down .So there it is found that, there is an inverse relationship between the sensex and gold. Because people want to put money on either of the two, which so ever is going better. But it is to be noted that the gold price was the highest at the point when sensex was also at a highest end of itself. This is because, people did not predicted the good move of sensex for the last few days’ poor performance before 20th Oct.And another reason could be, the lesser movement capability of gold investment and also at not having proper confidence on a stable performance on the sensex move.But still when sensex was at its five digit growth, people got known on the stable performance of the stock ,thus on 21st Oct gold price got down at 12585 from 12735. Now, take a look on the third one, standing on the third end of the triangle,a very typical behavior is being experienced, that is the silver price movement. If sensex is not performing well, then the silver price will also move up with the gold price, as...
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