The Love Story of Andrew Jackson and His Wife

Topics: Andrew Jackson, English-language films, Marriage Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: April 17, 2002
The love story of Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel, has been acclaimed one of the greatest romances of the nineteenth century. Author Irving Stone went to great lengths to write a book of accuracy of their life together. Using many different government libraries and historical reference groups to build a fact filled book on a great American president and his wife.

Starting in 1784, when young Rachel was still wed to Captain Lewis Robards; Stone begins to take you back in time with this piece of well written literature. After disgraceful and embarrassing accusations of having affairs with different men from Robards, Rachel returned to her home and family. While at her home, her mother took in a man named Andrew Jackson as a border. Rachel and Jackson became friends and realized that there was more attraction to each other then what they first anticipated. Mr. Stone's variety in writing styles brings the story together so that you may understand the story from many different angles.

Rachel and Andrew's love life was rocky in the beginning, her estranged and fierce ex-husband, Robbers, tried many different attack tactics to break them up and shame them publicly. He made many public accusations about Rachel being an adulteress and hurt her and her family deeply. But over time they rose together to make it through the difficult situations. Mr. Stone's portrayal of Rachel Jackson seems to bring her to life, noting her strong points and weaknesses. Through the trials they faced together, her courage and strength helped them succeed in life. While Andrew was a dear man and loved her, his personality was more of an adventuresome spirit and businesslike mind. He was always able to provide for his wife, even if it meant moving or him leaving her for an extended period of time.

Throughout the story, Stone always reinforced the idea that Rachel and Andrew's love was like no other recorded romance in American history. Andrew was very protective of...
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