The Louisville Flood

Topics: African American, Sociology, Working class Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Margaret Bourke-White, 1937, The Louisville Flood, illustrates a billboard in bold wording “World’s Highest Standard Of Living” with boarders of maybe red and blue put in three stars. An image of American family of four including a dog is in a car happily driving on the road in the valley. An added text on the side a slogan of “There’s no way like the American Way.” Just below the enormous billboard are people lining up for a job or shelter. The people in the line are African-American, adults dressed in long coats and hats, one with their child, others with bags and buckets in their possession. Bourke-White give one an idea about some promising facts during this era to facilitate the Americans are predominant than other race. By evaluating the photo, several factors are publicized in determining a person’s class. A person’s class consist of one’s lifestyle, expression and standard of living. The era the photo was taken was during one of U.S history finest, The Great Depression. An era that impacted the values of photography. Bourke-White captured the image that documented the state people were in the Great Depression affected everyone in the U.S. The Louisville Flood, the billboard propagandize the ideal of an American lifestyle as stated earlier, an image of an American family of four plus a dog are in a car driving in the valley, happy. Whereas the African American families were put out of placed from their homes and lost majority of their belongings during the massive incident as if their life was washed away from the flood. In order to get back on their feet, they are lined up receiving shelter, food, or support from an organization just around the corner presenting their new lifestyle, standing in line receiving aid. A completely different lifestyle from the Americanize billboard located right above them. Lifestyle matters to a person or a family because presentation of which class one is in; upper, middle, or lower. A class shows how much a whole family...
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