The Lost Generation

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 4 (938 words) Published: June 5, 2015
“The Lost Generation”

The novel The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, as about the Jazz Age in New York and how a man tries to turn back time to be with the woman he loves. Through our narrator, Nick Carraway, we learn what happened in the past of his cousin Daisy and his neighbor Gatsby. Symbolism is used heavily throughout the story either using colors or the carelessness of the people in the story. After the Great War, the soldiers returning became known as the Lost Generation as they suffered from trauma inflicted on them across seas as they tried to make the transition from war to a civilian life. Like the soldiers, the character are lost or become lost while looking for something. From the very beginning, we know that Gatsby is looking for Daisy’s love. The narrator Nick is looking for honesty, Daisy is looking for stability, and her husband, Tom, is vying for his ten seconds of fame back. Each character become lost, or are lost.

Jay “Gatsby” Gatz is introduced anti-climatically in the third chapter at one of his parties. Nick and his friend Jordan Baker attend and sit at table with a man and a young woman. Nick spoke of how he was invited by Gatsby’s chauffer. The man “looks at me as if he failed to understand. ‘I’m Gatsby,’ he said suddenly.” Fitzgerald builds up his character to where it’s a monumental moment to meet him when he just pulls the plug and lets the water slowly drain out. Throughout the story, rumors and stories are shared about him. After spending a day with Gatsby, Nick talks with Daisy, and upon describing his new friend, she says “that it must be the man she used to know” and Nick connected Gatsby to the picture of a soldier in her car. Days later, Jordan tells Nick Gatsby wishes for him to invited himself and Daisy over so they could meet for an afternoon. The day is set and they meet. Gatsby becomes embarrassed and leaves Daisy alone in a room. After a talk with Nick, he returns to Daisy and the converse and head...
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