The Lost

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The Dark Ground
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Pg. 1 – 32Two scenarios are described, taking place in the same ‘dark ground’ where children seem to have been lost. Cam, Zak, etc: large group of people staying near a ravine. Robert: Was in a plane with family, went to bathroom to brush teeth, weird stuff going on with reflection, and randomly wakes up in a kind of forest, naked and alone. After making arrangements (shelter, food, clothes), realizes that the plane might have crashed. Finds fur blanket sewn by human in his burrow.| * It does seem likely that the plane crashed and brought Robert to this place. * The fur blanket was probably sewn by humans who stayed in the place for a longer time than Robert did (not from the same plane crash). * Zak: disobeying rebel * Cam: like a leader; dominant; doesn’t like to look weak * Robert: Smart and adjusting; independent; clever to pick out things for his usage and survival; optimistic * “‘Remember…’ he said again. The sound was relentless. Unbearable.” (6)There were some painful memories in the past that were not to be remembered. Something terrifying had once happened, that shouldn’t have been recalled. * “The rush of fury took him by surprise, but it was her fault for talking nonsense. It’s just like a photo. What did she mean? A photograph was just an image – flat colors on a piece of shiny paper. There was nothing behind the surface. What they could see through the window was completely different. It was real” (9) Robert had a unique point of view toward the world. He had a different understanding of the real nature around. Why is/are the helper/s trying to hide their identity, while helping him secretly?| Pg. 32 – 55Cam & the others live in a cavern. Cam notices that fur is missing. Lorn had secretly kept it in Robert’s burrow. Cam and all the others were mad at her.Robert finds a fruit in his burrow. Seems like Lorn’s determined to help him despite her group’s fury and has empathy towards him. Robert almost catches her the next time she comes with a bundle. She runs away leaving it behind when she sees him. She comes again that night to get her bundle back. He catches her and bargains with her to show him her settlement for the bundle. She takes him to the ravine, where she nervously asks him to be quiet and give her the bundle. She then crosses the ravine through the spanning tree trunk and Robert, in quest of finding the others, follows her. He is slower, and as he crosses the trunk halfway through, a giant bird suddenly attacks him.| * The others are probably mad at her because they don’t want to involve another human into their group. Perhaps they don’t have enough supplies for a new person, or there was something special about them that they didn’t want others finding out. * Robert is homesick, would do anything to find other humans around him and to get back home. * Cam: attentive, in-charge, knowledgeable * Zak: Imaginative, story-teller, respected * Bando: Inattentive, foolish * Lorn: Caring, thoughtful, nimble, fast| Pg. 56 – 67A gigantic bird attacked him as he lay on the bark. Robert tried to throw himself off, into the ravine, but the bird clawed at his legs, injuring him badly, lifted him into the air and dropped him at a different point. It was heading straight toward his prey, to attack him, when Robert grabbed a stick and started jabbing the bird’s eye with it. The bird screeched and stabbed him back with its beak. Just as the bird’s attention was diverted from Robert, he rolled away dropping deeper and deeper into a cavern. Once he was in the cavern, he headed for the openings far above him. As he got out of the opening, he realized that he was inside a gigantic tree. As he looked across the rift between the leaves, he realized that he was in the park across the...
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