The lorax

Topics: African American, Globalization, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1239 words) Published: September 5, 2014

Genocide- the systematic mass killing of a specific group of people (ex. The holocaust) Racism- A negative behavior based on an incorrect assumption that one race is superior to others based upon racist factors. Stereo-Type- False or generalized beliefs about a group of people that result in categorizing members without regard for individual difference Prejudice- A set of opinions that unfairly cast a group in a negative light without legit reasons Discrimination- Inequitable treatment of people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, language, faith, or sexual orientation, class Systematic Discrimination- The policies and practices in an organization that results in the inequitable treatment of members of certain groups Paradigm- Set of rules and conditions stored in the brain that a person uses to interpret and understand sensory experience Hatred- A very strong dislike, directed either at individuals or members of a group of people Scapegoat- Someone you blame for your own problems

White Supremacist- Racist individuals or organizations who believe that people or white or European ancestry are inherently superior to other races Hate Crime: a crime against one person representing an entire minority group Perception: someone’s personal view on something based on family, friends, life experiences. As a person gets older it is harder to change a person’s perception and views. (Ex. Someone doesn’t like Jews because they had a bad experience with one in the past.) Holocaust- the Genocidal murder of at least 6 million Jews, that was planned, organized and fully demented by Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s Crimes against Humanity- identified by the United Nations as the murder, torture, enslavement, or deportation or innocent civilian nationals Universal Declaration of Human Rights- The 1948 UN statement, largely written by Canadian john Humphrey who outlines the rights and freedoms of people around the world. Holocaust Denier- A neo-Nazi or racial supremacist who preaches that the holocaust is hoax, fabricated by the Jews themselves in order to discredit Germany Ebonics- Informal language of some African American people first developed in area of slavery

Describe Ebonics as a dialect. What is unique about its history? How did it evolve? What can you compare it to today? Ebonics is an African-American spoken language that is a combination of Caribbean, African, and English - Ebonics is unusual in the sense that there are three different languages and speech is differently worded then the English language - many people view it as “uneducated” but that is not true - Ebonics originates from slaves in the days of plantations where workers made up this dialect so slave owners would not understand them - today, it can be compared to other language combinations for example, people in Quebec using a mix of French and English in sentences Become the key to social identity of African people

Minorities within societies have been subordinated because they are a disadvantage in society Cultural realities of these groups in diminished and ignored because its demands to be not as important or valid EX –Histories aboriginals and African American cultures have been built as more oral communication

List the 5 things found in Peggy McIntosh’s theoretical knapsack. - I can learn about people of my color in history at school
- I am never asked to speak for everybody of my race
- I can go shopping without being watched over and harassed - I can usually be surrounded by people of my own color
- If I criticize my government I am not seen as an outsider or a threat What is Tran’s nationalism? Describe the three components (with examples) that is proof of its existence. - trans nationalism is the expansion of big companies and western culture around the world - big multinational corporations – big companies expand around the world (ex. Cocoa Cola) - Non-governmental organizations: NGO’s...
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