The Long Walk

Topics: Stephen King, Government, Totalitarianism Pages: 2 (894 words) Published: October 22, 2014

"The Long Walk" by Stephen King is easily comparable to the book “1984” George Orwell, because they both share the value of a constant surveillance of it citizens. The governments of each book control their citizens by constantly watching them, occupying them, and always reminding them of the consequences of disobeying. The government sees everything, if you disobey, you will suffer. The one hundred participants of the long walk are constantly watched by the citizens, as if the walk is some kind of game show. The walk is a huge event in the society; it singles out the strongest and most courageous boy in the country. The people would set up parades for the walkers as they came through town. They stand on the road and cheer, holding signs saying ‘“GO-GO-GARRATY NUMBER 47! We love you Ray! “Maine’s Own”’ (King 27). The audience cheers for the ninety nine kids walking to their deaths and for the one that was going to survive. Even though it is a bloody and deadly competition, this keeps the spectators interest. They love to see the boys pushed to their limits. The people are always watching. The government is occupying the people with the walkers. They love the suspense they feel when watching, not knowing who will win. This is exactly what the government wants. This has an extreme resemblance to the government of "1984". The society of “1984” is always occupied with work. The governments of both books do this so they can keep control, if everyone has a distraction to focus on; they will never notice how corrupt the government really is. If the people are aware of any flaw in the government, it can lead to rebellion. The government however never will let the people see through all of the distractions. Not only are the citizens watching the walkers but also the government. In order for this...
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