The Lokpal Bill

Topics: Indian National Congress, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: April 23, 2011

It was today morning when I saw, on one of the TV channels, Anna Hazare protesting against corruption and pouring his heart out for Jan Lokpal Bill. I felt ashamed that I could not join him in Delhi. I felt even more ashamed being an Indian when I heard that bastard politicians have stopped this bill from passing in parliament since last 40 years so they can loot whatever they can from Indian people and deposit it in their Swiss bank accounts!

I felt ashamed; being an Indian, thinking that people have to pay bribes just to get clearance for a passport which is everyone’s civil right. I felt ashamed, remembering that people have to pay bribe to get driving license cleared even if they are perfect at driving! I have filed my papers to get my provident fund back from PF office in NOIDA, it’s been more than 3 months, their turnaround time is 45 days and I have not received my hard earned money for which I worked 12 hours a day. May be the PF office workers are waiting for me to go there, pay some bribe and then they would clear my PF!

I consider myself a “common man” who uses to believe that if I had to get my work done, I have to pay bribe! Such is our Indian government and system is corrupt. I was in Delhi till one year back and then moved to United States for work, but I know very well, that at heart, I am an Indian with all the plans to return home soon for good. When I see differences between America and India, one thing pinches me, being Indian, that how corrupt our mentality has gone. Even to get a driving license, we need an agent! Why? Because traffic police department will not treat you well if you directly took your application to them without any “extra fees”. Same is the case for passports and other government office related works. Police/Customs/Revenue/local authorities/every government department. Such shameless have become our government agencies and most of the government employees who consider “chaay...
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