The Locked Door

Topics: Debut albums, Feeling, English-language films Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: April 30, 2012
It was a normal Friday evening, but I’d had a strange feeling all day, a feeling that something was going to happen. Wandering alone down the empty streets of Lishwood, I saw a huge desolate building. Somehow it was attracking, but frightening as well.

I was hesitating whether I go in or go home instead. But so curious I was that I entered the imposing building. Surprisingly its door was open. I felt amazed by staring at the richly decorated hall, although it seemed to have been abandoned for many years, I couldn’t imagine why. In the hall I found two doors; I opened the left door and entered a little room. Probably it was a girl’s room because there was a trestle-table with mirror in it. The room reminded me to earlier times as the furnitures were antique. I liked it very much, I could imagine myself living there. With growing curiosity I left the room and continued discovering the building. I looked round in every room, opened every door, but there was a door that I couldn’t open. It was locked. I felt disappointed in front of it. That was the only door in the huge building that was locked, and I wanted to open it. I searched for the key but I couldn’t find anything in that room, so I started to scan the whole house. Hardly had the clock struck midnight when I finally found the key. But suddenly I heard a strange noise and I was terrified. My whole body froze in fear. ”Don’t be silly, Lily!” – I told to myself, – ”It was just the wind.” I went to the door with the key, but as soon as I had got there, I heard the noise again. I began to feel really worried and tried to get out of the house. It sounded like the steps of a man. Slow and heavy steps. I thought he had noticed me because I could hear him more closer. I didn’t know what to do. I’m just a curious young girl and at that moment I cursed myself because of my curiosity. I hid under the bed of the largest room and was waiting in silence. After a while I couldn’t hear the man...
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