The Loch Ness Monster

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The Loch Ness Monster

Most people in the world fascinated by mysteries and it doesn’t depend on their age. Young people interested in such things as well as adults. All kinds of mysteries attract attention of masses. They may be so nonsense mysterious events but people like them. Due to this reaction of people, the press is trying to develop this kind of news. They create a lot of new mysteries and multiply exist theories. They know that people could believe to things happened in unknown areas, because they couldn’t see or explore. For instance secrets deal with water and space. What secret hides in the deepest parts of lakes, seas and oceans?

Let’s talk about one most known water monster which hides itself in the deep of lake in Scotland and named Loch Ness Monster or Nessi. The lakes in Scotland named loch, and because this unknown creature was seen in the loch named Ness people started name it The Loch Ness Monster. A lot of mysteries surround this creature and a lot of questions had been asked: What is it? How does it look like? Where does it come from? And of course, does it dangerous? A lot of stories are known about Nessi. And I’m going to write about few of them. And in the end you will decide , does it true or false?

First story goes far back into history, and fixed on humans believing in fairies, witches and demons. Most part of population in Scotland in the past used to live near the lakes due to provide their lives with wish. It’s normal that they invent water spirits. They believe that this spirits are the guardians of water. And almost every lake has its own spirit. The most popular of them are the Water Bull and Water Horse.

According to the legends the Water Bull was not fearsome creature. It usually made home in the smallest lochs, only coming out at nights and not harming anyone.

On the other hand the Water Horse was a dark evil spirit; which was Devil’s slave, and enemy of...
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